Each Team, player, coach, manager, or spectator shall participate at his or her own risk. The Kaw Valley Soccer Association (KVSA), US Army Corps of Engineers, the City of Lawrence, Kansas, Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department, Youth Sports Incorporated, KSYSA, USYSA Tournament Sponsors or any authorized representative agent, or employee thereof shall not be responsible for any liability in connection with the tournament for personal injuries or property loss in connection with travel to or from, or participation in, this Tournament.

There will be a minimum of four teams in any age-group bracket. Cross-Pool play may occur if necessary. In most instances tournament brackets will consist of single age divisions (U9, U10, U11 etc). However, if less than four teams are registered in an age group, some divisions may be expanded to incorporate two age groups ( e.g. U13 may be combined with U14). Tournament scheduled will be posted on the Tournament website no later than one week in advance of the Tournament. Teams may request accommodations to resolve coaching conflicts. All requests will be reviewed by the Tournament however, no changes to the Tournament schedule are guaranteed.

The following refunds will apply: If the tournament is canceled prior to any games being played, a $150 administration fee will be RETAINED by KVSA and the remainder of the Registration Fee will be refunded to each team.  If one game is played prior to the cancellation of a tournament, a total of $100 will be REFUNDED to each team.  If two or more games are played prior to cancellation, there will be no refund.  Full refunds will be provided to teams that are NOT ACCEPTED into the tournament.  Except as noted above, no other refunds will be provided once a team has been has been accepted into the tournament.

All Players/Coaches must be registered and in good standing with an organizational Member of the US Soccer Federation (e.g. a State Association, US Club, AYSO, etc.). Player/Coaches passes must be current, valid, verified with photo/signature and laminated. All guest players must have player passes, medical waiver and approved guest player form. Dual-roster players are allowed; however, no player is allowed to play on two teams in the same age/gender divisions.

All teams must submit a completed Tournament Application along will the full Registration Fee prior to the registration deadline to be considered for acceptance into the tournament. Extension of the registration deadline will be made at the discretion of KVSA. All teams are required to check-in at the Tournament Headquarters prior to participating in the tournament. At check-in, teams will be required to provide certified team rosters, player cards, medical waivers and fully executed guest player forms. ROSTER LIMITATIONS U9-U10 6v6 11 players – which may include 3 guest players – minimum of 3 players to start the game U11-U12 8v8 13 players – which may include 3 guest players – minimum of 5 players to start the game U13-U17 11v11 18 players – which may include 3 guest players – minimum of 7 players to start the game U18/19 11v11 22 players – which may include 3 guest players – minimum of 7 players to start the game (18 players maximum at the game).

State (KSYSA) certified rosters are required for all Competitive teams. Recreational certified rosters will be accepted as registered through the local league registrar with the players who have played for the season. Rosters cannot be modified after registration check-in at the tournament. The use of a player not listed on the team roster accepted at registration check-in will result in the disqualification of the team from the tournament.

The following Game times apply with a 5 minute halftime break:
  • U9-U10 6v6 25 minute halves size 4 ball 
  • U11-U12 8v8 25 minute halves size 4 ball 
  • U13-U19 11v11 30 minute halves size 5 ball 
The Tournament Director reserves the right to shorten the game times or half times in order to keep the tournament on schedule. If a match is delayed for any reason, Coaches are responsible for obtaining the new start time from Tournament Headquarters. Failure to comply and be present at the new start time will result in forfeiture.

All matches will be played in accordance with the FIFA’s Laws of the Game as modified by USYSA and this tournament. All activities regarding the conduct of the match and the Laws of the Game including players’ equipment, is the sole discretion of the match officials. Their decisions are final. Questions about tournament points/schedules and accommodations should be directed to the Tournament Director, Field Marshals or Field Monitors.

All player equipment is subject to the approval of the match official approval. Shin guards are mandatory. Slide shorts are permitted. Soft head guards may be permitted with the approval of the Tournament Director. Casts, knee braces, orthopedic appliances may be permitted if all hard surfaces, edges, and hinges are sufficiently padded to meet the approval of the Match Official. Jewelry of any kind will not be allowed. This includes earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. In Pool Play, the team listed first is the Home Team and will provide a game ball. In Final and Semi-Final matches, the team with the most points from Pool Play will be designated the Home Team, or in the case of equal points, the team listed first in the team list. The Home Team will resolve uniform color conflict by changing jerseys.

Teams shall occupy the opposite side of the field from their fans. Coaches and all players not on the field or awaiting substitution must be in their respective “bench” areas. Coaches may at no time enter the field of play unless authorized by the match official. Players and fans must stay at least five (5) feet back from the touchline in order for the assistant referee to be able to make appropriate calls. Each team must have a properly registered adult (as listed on the team roster) on the touch lines during all match play. This adult must have access to all player’s passes and medical waivers, and must be prepared to provide rosters and player passes to the match official (referee). All players are the responsibility of the individual teams and/or the team’s coach/manager during the entire tournament. KVSA accepts no responsibility for the management or supervision of individual players during the tournament.

Proper sportsmanship is required at all times. Adult coaches, team managers, and fans are expected to be examples for the players. Coaches are responsible for their sidelines and their players. Red Cards will be issued to offending players. Any coach or fan being dismissed must immediately leave the field and be out of sight of players and the match official to the restart of play. A violation of this provision is grounds for termination and forfeit assigned to the offending team. Ejection from the tournament requires immediate departure from all fields of play used for the tournament during the remainder of the tournament.

Substitutions will be unlimited, but must be made at the centerline with the permission of the referee, and only at the following times: Prior to a throw-in or free kick, after any goal, at half-time, or any time the referee stops play for an injury. Coaches are responsible for receiving the consent of the referee prior to substituting players. Substitution of the goal keeper, other than at half time, requires the consent of the referee.

No extra period or overtime will be played. Games may end in a tie in Pool Play. Penalty kicks will be used to decide the outcome of semi-final and final games ending in a tie. Penalty kicks will be taken as referenced in FIFA’s Laws of the Game.

Matches will be terminated if assigned teams are not present at scheduled match times. Forfeits will be recorded with a score of 1-0. A team is considered present if four players for U-9 and U-10, six players for U-11 and U-12, or eight players for U-13 and up teams and a responsible adult are ready for play at the start of the match.


Points will be awarded as follows: Three (3) points for a win, One (1) point for a tie, Zero (0) points for a loss. A team winning by forfeit will be awarded three (3) points for a win, including a score of one (1) to zero (0). No points will be awarded for a double forfeit. No points are awarded for a shutout. Teams will LOSE (1) point for each red card or coaches dismissal. Players receiving red cards or coaches being dismissed will automatically miss the next scheduled game for that team. Tournament officials reserve the right to extend the disqualification based on the nature of the offense.

Regardless of record within the pool, the top two teams, by points, within the bracket will go to the finals. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker rules below will apply.

A Wildcard Team is that team with the next most points from Pool Play that has not placed in semi-final match based upon group/pool record.

In case of a tie in point scores and/or the selection of a Wildcard Team, the following protocol, based on Pool Play, will be used to determine team’s progression to the final match:
  • Results of Head to Head competition. (not used if more than two teams are involved in the tie breaker) 
  • Goal Difference (goals scored minus goals allowed), with a maximum differential of 5 goals per game 
  • Fewest goals allowed 
  • Most goals scored (no maximum) 
  • Penalty Kicks 

Awards will be given to first and second place teams and/or players in all divisions.

There will be NO PROTESTS. All disputes will be resolved immediately by the Tournament Director. These decisions will be final. Please note that under no circumstances may a referee’s decision, issuance of a red or yellow card, or coach or team ejection be reviewed or overturned.

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