iSports 2

With the HTGSports iSports 2 app you can maximize your event experience at an HTGSports event. With iSports you can
  • View tournament, league and player events
  • View venue information and get driving directions
  • Signup for push notifications per event
  • View blog articles
  • Contact us via a form entry


The screens above are from the iOS version; for screens from Windows Phone or Android use the store icons above. You can also read the blog entry for Android 2.5 here:

For all events you can view event specific information, venues including driving directions, and signup for push notifications. More information on push notifications can be found here:

Additionally, for team based events, you can view
  • Brackets
  • Schedules and Results
  • Standings
  • Rules
  • Add games to your calendar
  • Share game information via text


If you have support questions please use our contact page located here and select 'Support' in the dropdown.

iOS Revision History

2.7.3 - 2/26/2014
This release brings venue detail features to the iPhone that were released for the iPad in version 2.7.2. In addition to these features we've also consolidated the brackets/results/standings now into one tab called "Games".

2.7.2 - 2/11/2014
Added new Venue features--hybrid & satellite; for iPad users you can also view venue details including fields and games by fields.

2.7.1 - 1/23/2014
iSports is now a universal app and thus runs on the iPad; various bugs were also fixed;

2.7 - 11/10/2013
Graphics update with new icons, colors, etc. Added the ability to share a game/result via text;

2.6 - 10/6/2013
iOS 7 feature release; requires iOS 7 or later.

2.5.4 - 5/8/2013
bug fix release;

2.5.3 - 1/17/2013
Internal changes along with some bug fixes and enhancements;
- show consolation and friendly background watermarks
- venue maps now uses Apple maps on iOS 6;

2.5.2 - 12/12/2012

2.5.1 - 10/14/2012

2.5 - 9/20/2012
Updated user interface with side navigation
Added push notifications

2.3 - 6/18/2012

2.2 - 3/4/2012
Bug fix where the calendar games for a team were not being identified correctly; also added a new feature where playoff games have a background indicator as to their game type (e.g. final, semi, quarters);,

2.1 - 2/2/2012
From the brackets page you can now click on a team and view the games they have scheduled as well as add all of their games to your calendar.

2.0.1 - 1/6/2012
Bug fix release

2.0 - 12/20/2011
Initial release of 2.0 version

1.7 - 11/18/2010
This release provides a bug fix for divisions with lots of pools (e.g. > 8). It also adds to the standings view Champion/Finalist badges for those events with results.

1.6 - 9/1/2010
This release provides event filter on the iPhone (like was introduced in 1.5 for the iPad). Also adds in support for leagues (previously only tournaments were shown in the event list).

1.5 - 8/23/2010
This release provides native iPad support in a Universal release for both the iPad and iPhone
Various bug fixes as well as high res graphics for the iPhone 4 Retina display

1.4.1 - 7/5/2010
Bug fix release for iOS 4

1.4 - 6/1/2010
Add "Rules" tab to view event rules (e.g. points, tie breakers, game duration)

1.3 - 5/1/2010
This version provides the ability to cache and view certain data offline (e.g. events, standings, results, brackets, etc.).

1.2 - 4/13/2010
Fixed a bug with fields not displaying correctly if team names were too long, etc. This was on the Results tab.

1.1 - 4/7/2010
Added more waiting indicators when fetching data and reduced wait times
Added refresh button to update data so you don't have to exit and go back in
Blog reader now reads blog article in the app
New background, styling for home screen

1.0 - 4/5/2010
Initial version

Windows Phone Revision History

1.0 - 2/23/2013
Initial release with event listing, blog, info; schedules and venues;

Android Revision History

2.5 - 8/3/2013
1.0 - 1/10/2012
Initial release with event listing, blog, info; schedules, standings and venues;
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